The pace of integration into the electricity supplier Wanda is Suning more complex

recently, Wanda Group on business platform for the upcoming listing to raise a Babel of criticism of the news. From the beginning of last year, Wanda began recruiting for the electricity supplier team reported that Wanda electricity supplier business allocation substantially completed, personnel hired as general manager of Alibaba, former senior director of international trading technology Gong Yitao.

Wanda, the net is not new. Before it, SOHO, Suning, intime, new world and other traditional enterprises have tried e-commerce, at the same time, the Ministry of Commerce "on the" 12th Five-Year "period to promote the development of retail industry guidance", also clearly encourage large retail enterprises to open online mall". In this case, across the department stores, tourism real estate, cinema and other areas of the business giant Wanda involved in the electricity business, this is logical. Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin has said Wanda has a wealth of retail resources, e-commerce is not too regrettable. This is because the Wanda system within the five major business independent of each other, did not do resources, services, data interoperability. The company hopes that electricity providers can help the company form the line of organic coordination and seamless docking, all consumer links allow users to complete the basic necessities of life play in Wanda complex body.

is in contrast, in the trend of economic downturn, the brand is shrinking, many commercial complex expansion rate is slowing. At the same time, a considerable part of the physical retail business is being eroded by e-commerce. In this case, Wanda e-commerce is not only to stabilize the market share, but also for its commercial real estate services, looking for new models and growth points.

is reported that, in Wanda’s plan, the company’s goal is to establish an interactive online and offline smart square". Further, Wanda tried to open up a virtual "online commercial complex" through e-commerce, commercial real estate, luxury hotels, tourism, cultural industries and chain stores".

although Wanda’s electricity supplier platform has not yet been released, but it will take what kind of operation, has become a topic of debate in the industry. In general, Wanda electricity supplier may use these models: B2C, O2O, or a combination of the two.

on the B2C field, the pace of the pace of entry into the apparently slow. Now, already on the market, Tmall, and other leading Jingdong, formed a relatively stable pattern, but it is very difficult to replicate as Wanda and beyond. However, take a look at Wanda business segment, build O2O model has a unique advantage.

as everyone knows, the biggest advantage of Wanda electricity supplier is rich in resources under the line, an approach is obviously, Wanda electricity providers can use throughout the Wanda Plaza, let users online orders, brand businesses nearby delivery, can also encourage users to nearby stores from mentioning. In this way, not only for shopping malls to bring traffic, but also to promote related consumption. However, this idea looks very beautiful, few cases of actual success.

statistics show that as of June last year, a total of 59 traditional retail hundred enterprises open >

Honey Amoy 618 put relentless but I play Jingdong has an ample supply of ammunition

news June 8th, from "520", the home appliance business has gradually entered the years to promote the pace since June is wildly beating gongs and drums for. For the new online shopping will soon be around the world will also be unveiled in 618, many people commented that this is a major aspect of this year, Jingdong or will take to establish its own position in the cross-border electricity supplier market. However, there are brave stand out "provocation", the day before, honey Amoy global purchase have announced their 618 plan, and declared war to the Jingdong, to logistics faster than the price.

honey Amoy CEO Xie Wenbin to billion state power network said that in the past the "520 passion stockpile Festival", honey Amoy sales of more than 100 million, the speed of the logistics and the level of service industry has reached a peak. 618 the continuation and expansion of the 520 offensive, overweight in the scale of activity and investment, to fight a battle with vigour and vitality.

is reported that, at present, have a lot of honey Amoy goods in the bonded area, the main venue and will be officially launched in June 15th 618 the commodity price exposure. As the whole industry has been criticized in cross-border logistics, honey Amoy will highlight the advantages of logistics services in 618 activities, showing their achievements in the construction of a few months.

Xie Wenbin pointed out that for the 618 electricity supplier war, honey Amoy never fear giants. First of all, honey Amoy can guarantee the bonded goods of the whole network (all overseas shopping platform) the lowest price, and to Jingdong, Tmall,, and and other game player parity. Secondly, the honey Amoy promised bonded goods within 3 days of delivery, logistics speed and experience far more than Jingdong and Tmall."

openly and challenge the giants, where honey Amoy confidence come from? Xie Wenbin claimed that its self self recovery mode can not only control the quality of the goods and price, to improve the quality of service, win platform for cross-border electricity supplier, which is the largest of the characteristics and advantages of honey amoy.

honey Amoy in the global supply chain integration, cross-border bonded logistics service system, and other aspects of the preparation to do a good job, the back-end solid foundation. The giant started late in this area is zero. It can be said that the Jingdong in the cross-border business services and the basic price of play but honey Amoy! "He confidently said.

according to its introduction, honey Amoy benchmarking Jingdong in three aspects are the odds:

first, as of April this year, was formally launched, the current global purchase of the Jingdong category is not complete, to mother and child category. In contrast, over the past year, honey Amoy in the category to achieve great success in the development, the 618 will also be the whole category war.

second, Jingdong global purchase is self and merchants settled in the mode of combination of price, but is completely self and the courage to fight the "bloodletting" honey amoy. It is reported that before the start of the 618 big promotion, honey Amoy will take out the price of both the comparison, intuitive display to the user.

third, Jingdong is currently no global purchase to build their own bonded warehouse and cross-border logistics system, using third party warehouse can be the fastest 7 days arrival, overseas direct mail is.

2014 Chinese electricity supplier keyword TOP10 listed the hottest fake the most attention

2014 is in the past, 2014 people can also have eye-catching things you remember? Whether it is popular on the abuse of all chips, or more and more people doing "derivative", these words seem as "fake" eye-catching, because from Ali to the relevant departments are fake. Although the "fake" this time hot enough, but compared to the "listing" of the word, but also to the heat was inferior, 2014, regardless of the number of listed companies or the market value, are still the most.

in 2014 what are the words of the electricity business is the most concerned about the following is the 2014 annual electricity supplier hot word inventory.

, 2014, the feudal lords vying for the throne of smoke, the electricity supplier industry bustling. The industry for the better, who want to share, the retrofit, stunt constantly, in between all the chiefs of the limelight, it is pretty fight. The new year is approaching, we conducted a major event occurred in 2014 China’s e-commerce industry. To ask what a strong business this year and below?.

[Keywords: listing]

greater than the largest Ali shares in the history of the largest IPO

focus playback: September 19, 2014, Alibaba in the NYSE officially the world’s largest IPO, the issue price of $68 per share, financing $21 billion 800 million. As of December 12 U.S. stocks closed, the total market capitalization of $261 billion 300 million Alibaba, has exceeded the Nasdaq stock market capitalization of the total.

also in 2014, the Jingdong is listed, valuation valuation of $24 billion 600 million; two years an increase of 40 times; the bright younger generation’s market capitalization reached 19 times the first domestic electricity supplier shares Mcglaughlin listed $210 million valuation, etc..

also need to point out that, 58 city, where to go to the network, the 500 lottery network and other small and medium enterprises have completed the second half of last year, IPO, once again set off a Chinese electricity supplier to the u.s.. In China, the brewmaster network and group B2C electricity providers listed wind plot. Visible, in 2014 to become China’s electricity supplier IPO.

comment: the Jingdong and the Alibaba two predators this year has landed on the U.S. capital market, the capital market almost shocked the world. For the electricity supplier industry, which allows more than 90% share of the domestic B2C field, C2C field of more than 95% share becomes transparent, will accept the supervision of public investors. But at the same time, the electricity supplier in the second echelon of the day, more and more difficult. Next year the appliance also resorted to what new breakthrough, worth the wait and see consumers.

[keywords two: fake]

do not feel tired love fake sampling appliances caught

industrial and commercial administration on December 11th announced the double eleven during the electricity supplier platform to promote commodity sampling results: 8 batches of samples have been confirmed as counterfeit goods, Tmall, the number of shops, shop No. 2, Le bee network, Suning

Amazon play innovation pulling your goods to online shopping

[Abstract] the Amazon Taobao truck in the streets of Seattle, the car is full of promotional items.


Tencent science and technology news in China’s rural areas, in the past there have been vendors to open a commodity truck regularly toured the villages, providing mobile retail services. Recently, the U.S. e-commerce giant Amazon, has launched a mobile shopping innovation, the form is very similar to this country car.

According to

CNET and other U.S. technology news website reported, Amazon began deploying Taobao trucks in the streets of the city "(TreasureTruck), a popular commodity to provide promotional truck, users can use mobile phone shopping client on the spot, and the spot from the pickup truck.

According to reports, from the beginning of, Amazon’s Taobao truck began to appear in the streets of Seattle, the mysterious truck sparked speculation that the outside world on Monday. And on Thursday, Amazon Co formally introduced the new service.

this truck loaded with Amazon decided to buy buy promotions, popular commodities, mostly residential supplies.

Amazon users can be through the mobile client, to see what the day Taobao truck on what hot goods, as well as the truck is currently in which location. And in the specific parking point, consumers can purchase and settlement on the phone on the spot, and then remove the hot goods from the truck.

Amazon said that the first Taobao truck shopping test will start at seven a.m. Saturday in Seattle. Whether the future will be extended to other cities, is still unknown.

U.S. media pointed out that Amazon is the world’s largest online retail website, but in recent years, Amazon continue to try new services and products in the real world, hope to increase the sense of presence and exposure.

Prior to

, Amazon has been deployed in a number of cities in the United States to take containers. The courier will put the goods stored in the distance close to the consumer package goods cabinet, buyers can pick up with a password which improves the speed of delivery orders.

Amazon also launched a number of cities in the fast hours of service. Recently, Amazon executives also said that if the United States government approval, the future will be the use of unmanned aircraft launched half an hour express service.

reported that Amazon’s Taobao truck, the first sale of promotional items will be $99 inflatable surfboard, cheaper than the average retail price of 80%. Future plans for the sale of goods as well as Glassybaby limited edition glass, as well as steak and other food. Taobao truck will be regularly updated promotional items.

in addition, had had news that Amazon plans to come down from the Internet network, in some city opened retail stores selling goods, but retail store plan seems to have changed, the Amazon so far has not been operating entity retail stores. (Chen Xi)

Mcglaughlin announced receipt of privatization offer $4 per share ADS

Beijing on July 22nd news, Mcglaughlin announced Tuesday that the board of directors of the company has received a signed date for July 21, 2015, from CNshangquan Limited and Leading Capital (hereinafter referred to as the "buyers group") the preliminary privatization of non binding offer.

buyers consortium proposed to ordinary shares of $0.114 per share in cash, equivalent to $4 per share of American Depositary Shares (ADS) cash, the acquisition of all of its outstanding shares in the territory of Mcglaughlin. ADS per share represents 35 shares of common stock.

buyers consortium currently beneficially owns about 63.8% of Mcglaughlin’s issued and outstanding shares.

according to the privatization offer, the buyer consortium plans to set up a vehicle carrier (acquisition) to implement the transaction. The buyer consortium intends to finance the transaction by using the equity capital provided by its members and other equity investors.

The board of directors of

Mcglaughlin plans to set up a special committee composed of independent directors with no interest, and authorize the special committee to employ legal and financial advisers to assist in the assessment of the transaction.

Mcglaughlin board of directors to remind shareholders of the company and other investors to consider the stock trading company, the board of directors received only the buyer consortium’s non binding privatization offer. As for the company to respond to the offer, the board of directors has not yet made any decision, can not guarantee that will receive the final offer, can not guarantee that any agreement will be executed, can not guarantee the transaction or any other transaction will be approved or completed. The company does not undertake any obligation to provide any updated information relating to this or any other transaction except as required by law.

Electricity providers in the silence of the site 11.11 can not be an outbreak of strength

electricity supplier suddenly become quiet, perhaps a lot of people can be seen in the National Day period of several major electricity supplier network chose silence, they are still waiting for the power savings, these are not us, but I think the website now is not the lack of physical strength, which is the spirit of power, the electricity supplier website if you want to be in the 11 11 out unmatched power then needs to improve its service".

in the face of increasing consumer product quality crisis, crisis, crisis of goods and services, more and more electricity supplier website without the trust of users, buyers and sellers in Taobao fighting each other seems to have become a homely food thing, I also opened a Taobao store, now is facing a refund dispute I want to say, but I was not wrong, is the buyers in the buyers are finding fault, may think he is not wrong, this is a contradiction. Perhaps the electricity supplier website is worried about these contradiction and chose to remain silent, but silence is not always the way to a huge burst of power transfer or to resolve conflicts, the only way of website of business power will be more and more abundant, so how to transfer

to resolve conflicts?

first website to make self-examination, and this kind of self-examination to open, let the majority of users are aware of you in self-examination, check their website supply channels, check their website customer service attitude, check their website customer service service, this way is not only self check, but to really found the problem, now the market the website has more or less defects, if you say to the user in the self-examination after the website does not have any problems, ask the user will be satisfied with it? No matter what kind of website will be published in question and then announced the solution after self-examination, now, this is the only way to be able to attract and retain old customers new users.

second electricity supplier website to "sincere", shortly before the Jingdong and Suning the battlefield makes me feel surprise, I am also an ordinary people, I think this business war must also be able to let me get some bargains, know where this on the surface of the propaganda benefits but no implementation, I remember when the mobile phone is selling 1699 in said prices more expensive, my heart was in the blood, said this is a little light on the user’s lie, say a bit serious it is cheating. I think now the electricity market is the lack of a sincere, a true user’s feelings, which allows users to take what to support the website, to silence in the website, I want to tell you: if you want to break out huge power, then you must learn to treat users.

finally learn to website user as God, users come to your website customer service is not ignored, it will cause great harm to the heart of the user, in fact, as an ordinary user, our request is not high, only hope that when the customer can answer questions quickly, the speed of delivery to a little faster, a little price to affordable, perhaps electricity supplier website bosses saw these requirements will think I am greedy, I >

Eleven flavor of the whole network of sales of 252 million, declaring a brand new era

The whole

network 252 million, 204 million Tmall store, has been sixth years to double eleven double eleven becheery, turnover is still strong, become the food category runner up.

is worth mentioning is that this year’s double one hundred grass took 6000 people and 2500 people, 1000 production delivery, customer service team to prepare for eleven people. Issued a total of 10 million 240 thousand packs of snacks, a total of more than 7000 containers shipped, reserve resources in 2015 is two times.


such a success is not accidental, since 2011 to participate in Tmall double eleven, double eleven becheery sales figure is almost exponential growth: from 500 thousand in 2011 to 156 million in 2015, an increase of 300 times. In 2015, becheery has been ranked the top three domestic electricity supplier market snacks, become one of the largest Internet Leisure food businesses.

it is understood that since the end of 2010 settled in Tmall mall, paraquat opened a new era of Internet business, annual sales have more than 2 billion. It is worth mentioning that, in August 2016, the first group of Chinese herbs and jujube industry reached a merger and acquisition synergy strategy, the rate of successful listing of the industry. Its founder Cai Hongliang at the press conference also revealed becheery ambitions to the outside world: the next 10 years, will build 100 billion becheery leisure food ship.


brand transformation, double eleven before opening a single product strategy

According to

, 2016 is a key year for the transformation of the brand strategy.

transformation of the Internet at the beginning of 5 years, is the accumulation of the amount of grass flavor Jiangshan era. This is indeed the case, in this period of time regardless of the supply chain, the logistics system or sales volume has achieved very good results. By 2015, more and more began to integrate the resources of various channels, and in 2016 the brand strategy transformation.

becheery chief marketing officer Wang Jingyao introduced: "this year we opened a brand era of becheery, at this time, need to pay more attention to the product, with a precise way to communicate with consumers to communicate, do not the same product".

during the double 11, becheery launched the Yang Yang custom hold fruit, containing the 4 paragraph Yangmeng Yang comic box, attracted many fans looting. In fact, as early as the end of August. The fruit has just launched, unpopular situation situation began to take shape. Just 18 days, hold fruit sold 300 thousand boxes, the monthly sales exceeded 10 million, the market was out of stock. Healing fruit from healthy snacks hug location, named to the design is to subvert the traditional electricity supplier brand to do product ideas.


is almost at the same time, the first time the taste of herbs put forward the concept of "short insurance"

Alipay wallet double 12 shopping 50 percent off 2 vanguard supermarket store in


technology news December 9th afternoon news, Alibaba announced today that the next line of nearly 100 brands, about 20 thousand stores will participate in the 12 activities, in December 12th the same day to use Alipay wallet payment can hit 50 percent off, covering restaurants, desserts, bakeries, supermarkets, convenience stores and many other places of daily consumption.

addition, on December 12th, a nationwide taxi use Alipay wallet payment, there is a two chance to avoid starting price. Vending machine in the national each big city, with Alipay wallet can buy drinks for 1 cents.

taxi free starting price, two chance per person

on December 12th at 2 a.m., in the country, passengers using fast taxi or use Alipay wallet to pay the taxi fare, will be removed from the starting price. Each has a two chance.

at the same time, fast taxi and Alipay also recently increased the intensity of the issuance of red taxi. After a taxi payment, the user can get a certain amount of red envelopes. At the same time, users can also grab envelopes in Alipay wallet "1212 pocket Carnival Festival" service window.

nearly ten thousand restaurants to eat 50 percent off

sea fishing, Wang Xiang park national stores and Pizza Hut stores in Shanghai, in December 12th the same day, using Alipay wallet payment, can call 50 percent off, discount 50 yuan cap.


, laiyifen Ichiban shop, haoxiangnizao industry, DQ, cold stone, Xu Liushan and other snacks and desserts chain businesses in thousands of stores are also involved in the December 12 daily payment, Alipay wallet hit 50 percent off discount, capped 20 yuan.

, Marugame noodle, dumplings, wonton auspicious family has good face, Dicos, 85 degrees C, breadtalk, energy-saving, will represent more than and 10 fast-food chain brand and bread, in December 12th also has 50 percent off discount, capped 20 yuan. Thousands of stores throughout the country’s major cities.

according to the rules of activity, the above three types of food and beverage, each can enjoy once, after superposition can enjoy up to 3 times, can account for less than $90. Activities start at 12 a.m. on the morning of 8.

supermarket, convenience store shopping 50 percent off

supermarket and convenience stores in December 12th, will be more profitable. On the morning of 8 a.m., in Wumart, Wanning, Century Lianhua, xinyijia, lotus, hundred, Wu, the people of Zhejiang and other 13 large supermarket brands, shopping with Alipay wallet payment can hit 50 percent off, capped 50 yuan discount. This means that you buy 100 yuan, Alipay wallet to pay only 50 yuan. It is worth noting that all the hypermarkets brand, each user can only enjoy a cumulative opportunity.


December 12th morning, the family, East 711, East China, hi, good, full 20 convenience stores and small supermarkets, using Alipay wallet payment is 50 percent off, discount 20 yuan cap. >

No see Belgium Erna jewelry treasure Linglong how to become a stream of cross-border electricity sup

said that if the birth of electronic commerce, make jewelry enterprises has undergone major changes in marketing methods, then the simple payment maturity, diversification, marketing channels of the platform, then let the concept of "Internet plus jewelry" came into being. The China market, although the walk old brand line, to sell the store based Cartire Cartier, Bvlgari BVLGARI, Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels and other foreign brands, as well as Zhou Dafu, Zhou Shengsheng and other domestic jewelry enterprises have achieved good results, but Blue Nile, Blue Nile diamond bird, Kela Kelan and other domestic jewelry in the field of Internet business website can successfully occupy a certain share of the domestic market. As the world’s first jewelry business brand, from Belgium BAUNAT Antwerp Bao Erna ( is also using the cross-border electricity supplier hot, just a few years, quickly became the European brands, now officially entered the market Chinese. The domestic jewelry market has formed the traditional jewelers, jewelry, jewelry business electricity supplier website brand "a situation of tripartite confrontation" trend. No matter who is the winner in the end, jewelers in the price, quality, design competition is the ultimate benefit of consumers.

diamond jewelry from the center of the cross border electricity supplier brand treasure brought about by the concept of changing the quality of jewelry

diamond forever, is the king of jewelry, is a woman’s best friend, to some extent, it can be said to highlight the identity of the man, the best temperament. Gifts to the beloved precious diamond jewelry, the transmission of love, is the most attractive gentleman most attractive moment. The man wearing the ring has gradually become a trend and accepted.

The important position of

diamond in jewelry determines that it can never be a fast food. It is very important to choose a quality, cut, design are excellent and reasonably priced diamond jewelry. Europe is one of the most prosperous regions in the world, and it is also one of the world’s Diamond Trading centers. There is a fundamental difference between the diamond jewelry market and the domestic market. First, the high standard of living in Europe, especially for the selection of diamond is harsh, determines the quality of the diamond market for the lower limit is much higher than the domestic. At the same time as a diamond trading center, the price is lower than the domestic quality of the diamond. The two is Europe as the world cultural and artistic leadership, to design more diamond jewelry its originality. This is the domestic diamond jewelry can not match.

domestic consumers have always been the pursuit of foreign brands, especially in the field of luxury jewelry. Indeed in quality, cut, design, from Europe and the United States jewelry brand with domestic brand incomparable originality. In particular, the European brand, the quality of high technology at the same time, the price is also highly attractive. Before the domestic purchase of European brands of diamond jewelry, there are two channels, one of the overseas brands stationed in the domestic market, through the domestic store and electronic business platform to buy, but with

Dong Jun network marketing is to seize the human nature

business is the core of marketing, e-commerce is the core of network marketing. We are all research network marketing, although the industry has not a what standard. We are all groping. But the network marketing, including network promotion, network promotion also includes website promotion. Today’s Internet has a lot of friends to confuse these things. Think SEO is the network marketing, website promotion is the network marketing. These are not right.

SEO denied many Chinese webmaster creative sites are SEO and SEO. Is there no other way out of SEO?. The fundamental meaning of Baidu search where the answer is: to help users find the most appropriate, the most accurate, most wanted information. This search involves three ways: 1, the source of information 3, the way of communication, the spread of the object 2.

almost 90% people put down on the mode of transmission of energy. Few people in China study information sources. The way of communication is becoming more and more competitive. Few people study information sources, the core competitiveness of your site is getting worse. Information sources do not do well, then the effect is not very good dissemination.

information source in 4 forms: 1, text 2, picture 3, sound 4, video. So we have to make a lot of information sources in the future, so that we will get twice the result with half the effort. We have to solve is how to write the text, the picture is handled well, the sound recording, video production. This is what we really should do. Including soft news, news, product introduction, e-book production, etc.. Production of good sources of information, to explore the way of communication. Make use of several unique ways of communication. Do it to the extreme.

so SEO and website promotion is part of the network marketing. Network marketing is actually a huge system. It’s not easy to play well. Of course, as long as the network promotion will be a trick. Put a chain to the extreme, is the trick.

A Jun stayed at home all day, sleeping, eating, surfing the Internet, going to the bathroom. Has not been out of the house, today to study a few Taobao shop. I did not see their promotion, but to see their plans. Also activity. We open the Moonstone flagship store: Then drag the mouse to the middle. Take a look at this video for 5 minutes. After the model comes out, look at the price and introduction on the right. Are you attracted? Are you moved? Does your website attract people,


in the network marketing what is people-oriented answer is when consumers come to your website to see what he would like to see is people-oriented. Think about it seriously, as a consumer of this crown shop, he was attracted to what, what moved?

we want to know him selling products. We want to study the details. We take a serious study. He opened the hottest property >