No intention of making money, just want to serve the people! Look at what these nonprofit organizati

is even more gratifying is that the future is not far away from us, but the future is not produced in the Silicon Valley X-Labs, but some non-profit organizations, they use AI technology to create the application of many of the most popular. These applications are in the service of mankind as the core of automatic communication technology: from the most simple to learn the depth of data analysis based on the context, these science and technology can help underserved communities to achieve rapid development.

recently, scientific and technological nonprofit organizations have found new ways of doing things more effectively. A robot called, built by Facebook Messenger, can send reports and give relevant assessments to users, and then users can provide follow-up support to the police. Although this interaction is very simple, but it produces the effect is immeasurable.

Although the

chat robot

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AI can not only bring opportunities for development, but also require enterprises, governments and leaders of science and technology to take corresponding responsibility.

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machine learning,

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and another Do Not Pay, it is the world’s first robot lawyer, originally to help drivers to sue the government because of unreasonable fines caused by parking, it can now help tenants to fight the "charter parties" not only, even helping homeless people to apply for social assistance. These chat robots can reduce friction in traditional communications, act as your personal legal adviser, and they will be used in your pocket, anytime, anywhere.

chat robot is a new product in the mobile information field. Until then, only humans could play its part. Over the years, organizations such as TalkingPoints and mRelief have been meeting the needs of users through the simplest mobile messaging applications.

Crisis Text Line a non-profit organization that provides SMS consulting services for mental disorders such as depression, suicidal use is still a kind of people mostly volunteers between the mode of communication, but the technology of the non-profit organization has the country’s largest youth crisis behavior of open source database. In addition, the agency also uses artificial intelligence technology, and once it receives a higher level of consulting information, the platform will respond quickly, and the response will grow from usual

people are full of illusions about the future of artificial intelligence technology, from climate change to disease treatment, and it seems that this technology can solve all the problems that human beings are facing now. But in fact, the future created by artificial intelligence can be very "ground gas", and it can play a big role in our daily life.

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How to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng enterprise stand optimization task

two: the title and keyword optimization

stand for the enterprise, what is their keywords, there are two kinds of "corporate image" and "products". The product is classified relatively thin, so sometimes face many key problems are going to do, how to arrange? General company on the site at the beginning of the construction are generally made of art page optimization, so for information and perspective on the importance of beautification page show a lot of neglect. So, the website rankings will not have enough good results.

2: keyword selection, general optimization of an enterprise stand each other the most important keywords are often several, though a small, but can be said to be fewer but better, how to do? It is necessary to use the long tail word, try to choose some products and services related to the cold but key words to optimize the number of. Do the long tail keyword, will bring more customers for the enterprise. The key to focus on discription, as in keyword, "

with the rapid development of the Internet, many enterprises product positioning in the network market, to market their products in the network, which launched the field of electronic commerce competition. Shanghai dragon Er this pronoun is also more and more enterprises are optimistic about the search engine optimization can indeed improve the website ranking based on the status, bring more benefits for the enterprise, compared to the high ranking is undoubtedly the biggest harvest at minimal cost, and therefore the choice of the site of Shanghai dragon optimization. But the station also has its enterprise characteristics, not to optimize the conventional website can achieve the goal. So, how to do a good job for the optimization of the enterprise stand, do the following discussion here.


1, TITLE (about three page optimization keyword Best) although it will affect some beautiful, but it is important to information feedback, "is to the user and the search engine index, and the importance of the title is needless to say, and not as a rational use of waste, in the end can use a unique product the summary page advertising products.

: enterprise accounts for the limitations of

can use a very appropriate word to describe most of the enterprises ", in order to pursue the characteristics of flashy without substance", the "large area become an independent school of art. Ignore the structure arrangement, collocation keyword density, pictures, flash can be said to occupy a large part of the proportion of. But the actual things often only a few pages or a dozen pages, search engine optimization, content is king, can be said that most enterprises are not too much of the weight without optimization. But many enterprises do not think Shanghai Longfeng station management work is a technical work, they only considered a large number of the development of the chain can produce the expected ranking, so in the optimization time above is always "bitter", a few months without word began to restless, so the speed also determines the selectivity of Shanghai er in the enterprise station in phoenix.

How to write the title of the website, you know

1, for those large traffic sites, media website, website, the station traffic accounted for a large proportion, due to the relatively large amount of information, so I want to get more clicks, talent shows itself, will be heading to more attractive to the eye. As for the small and medium enterprise website, the website itself is not much traffic, the main is to obtain rankings in the search engines to get traffic through the search engine.

here from the search engine rankings show to talk about how to write the title of the website.

, concise, not listed and web content not relevant information. On the one hand the title added extra description, will distract the attention of the user, on the other hand the title >

my reason:

the second title keywords need to meet the needs of users, the site keywords optimization is simple user search keywords, and it is your site positioning accurate keywords, keywords in the title to have genuine needs, not to say that the index is high, do not need to do the electronic equipment parts of the word equipment and this demand is too broad, you can not get accurate and relevant traffic, what is to understand the needs of your users.

first, each page should have a title for the one and only, not all of the pages are using the default title. The title theme clear, contains the most important content in this web page. Don’t learn title creation some writers to write the title of your website, foggy, others are wide of the mark, do you have a large flow cornerstone.

so, for small and medium-sized enterprise website title, not only need to search engine favour, get better ranking, but also need to attract users, get more clicks. No way, poor have to do more.

a word, not only to clear the title theme, so that users can understand, and click on the desire, but also need to meet some of the characteristics of search engine ranking.

on the creative title, catchy title how to write, there are a lot of information online, there are a lot of my blog, not to say.

in fact, for most small and medium-sized enterprise website, the title not only to the people, is even more important in the search engine, attract search engine.

2, some large website weight is relatively high, the title at a point can also get a good ranking in the search engine, and small and medium-sized enterprise website general weight is not high, so I want to rank better, the title also need to attract more search engine.


how to write the title, has been a hot topic, but with the continuous expansion of information, the title of the article also becomes more and more important. Now the Internet about titles are generally about the title of the party, on the creative and interesting title, that is how the eyes more attractive.

In addition to the title

Love the sea Box Computing under small owners how to survive

the two days on the front page of A5 see the love Shanghai 2011 summit advertising, rice now has a habit, it is often to see these ads, advertising is how to do, what is the profit model. Go after, learned on April 11th -14 in Yunnan Lijiang Shanghai love alliance will be the convening of the sixth session of the Shanghai love union summit.

today, the establishment of the brand is a product of keep long long a secret. No matter is the use of search engines or other promotion or brand can only allow the user to remember you, can let users love you, in order to allow users to become loyal customers. This is the reason why rice love articles in A5, Chinaz, A5, because Chinaz has formed a strong brand in the minds of the webmaster, even if there is no search engine, we still love A5 and Chinaz, because it is the quality of its brand.


learned to promote friend must know the promotion of a variety of ways, can be a promotion way to do the fine, the effect is remarkable. Love is the sea Box Computing box in their search flow, like other Forum promotion, blog promotion, mail promotion, QQ promotion, micro-blog promotion, it is difficult to box live! So as a webmaster, not only to learn to use search engines, but also to learn from the search engines.

look further, is actually the official operation for Shanghai’s own love box plans to unlock the prelude, before this love Shanghai open platform application belongs to the testing stage, including applications including War Within Three Kingdoms, signature, life, calendar, Mars input method, PPLIVE live and many other partners. Love Shanghai official: on-line love Shanghai open platform application, users of online games, gadgets, watch TV, listen to music online, reading novels, comics, animation, online antivirus applications have achieved instant use, instant". In fact, we think deeply, it is not difficult to find, this is the love of Shanghai want to frame flow of merit, so as even small owners are not eligible to participate in the love of Shanghai open platform cooperation, how should they survive?

3, the establishment of

rice think can from the following several aspects.

often in large sites as everyone knows, the long tail word site traffic occupies more than half. But falling in love with the sea Box Computing may not have no energy will be all the long tail word frame, so small and medium-sized webmaster to do a lot of long tail word is a good choice, it is found that the long tail word of this flow is still far from to be developed. Some people may ask, so we have to give up the main keywords? No, we will try to do in front of the main keywords, because if we do not, then in the main key query, our website will never be users find that it is actually a big loss.

1, using the Shanghai dragon to do a lot of long tail word

brand is king

, take the rest of the promotion

If you are a novice Shanghai Longfeng Henbuxiaxin not to step into the Shanghai Dragon Industry

‘s own web site is down right after, I on the site more attentively. Every day to write five or six articles, and seven or eight original articles, do hundreds of the chain every day. Often write original articles Shanghai sex library, contribute to the A5 platform. The weight of love Shanghai library and A5 weights are very high. I think that as long as the website updated original articles and high quality of the chain website will soon recover. But I was wrong. I don’t care how to write their own original articles, how do the chain site quality is always included, have the chain. But don’t see their website homepage.

at the beginning, I follow the teacher said every day to write original articles, two or three articles. Do some ten chain every day. Insist some months. A snapshot of the site is updated daily, but, search your site name even the tiger net is not found. I don’t know what I write all day, why not do the chain a little effect. It is a wrong method. We do not know, when people do not pay in return, will doubt their own work is wrong, so there is no mood to get what. But don’t get to do? Anyway, I have to insist on.

over a month later, I changed under the title of the site, I know I can’t change. However, it is necessary to change the. I have seen Shanghai dragon forum, Pizhou forum. I think they can change I can change it, afraid of what. Just because they are also afraid of what, I finally changed the title. The result is the same as the Shanghai Dragon Master said, the site is down right. I also regret to change the title, but how to do it, I still have to do not give up.

two months ago, I began to seriously study the Shanghai dragon. See the teacher every day in writing original article, do BBS signature can return to a post. I think so simple ah, if I knew you don’t have to learn from him, their own self will. Over time, I will do a website — Pizhou Forum Network, even the tiger net. I do this is a gateway to Pizhou local forum. Although the Pizhou forum has a lot of. For example, the Pizhou forum is the boss, there wa forum, Pizhou city forum, the people of Pizhou Pizhou people’s forum, forum, Pizhou forum xiapi. However, even the tiger net I do have my own characteristics. That is making the Pizhou forum, but also in Pizhou shooting video, this is my unique place. So, I was determined to do even the tiger net. Without making it, I don’t need to do. Because there is no fun to do the second forum as like as two peas.

of Shanghai dragon, is not writes back to a post? This to new entrants to the industry of Shanghai dragon who is so simple. But when you do it, but not as you imagine. The useless in the two months to Shanghai dragon feelings and share with you, just want to let you know, if you want to join the Shanghai dragon in this industry, you must mind to treat yourself.

every day, I always check your website and chain. >

What is the

Need to pay attention to the details of the website optimization

Two, pay attention to the diversification of media

three, focus on creating text in the form of Sitemap

text in the form of Sitemap

, a

a variety of media including pictures, animation, video and so on. The military took the site as an example, to love Shanghai image search and military related pictures, ranked first in the picture is that love Shanghai and military related pictures, if you can introduce this picture, then love will think Shanghai and military related website your high, to get good weight. In addition, you can also go to the video site search and military high correlation video, reference to the article, it can also increase the correlation. For the Alt and Title properties, strongly recommended that all of the pictures are added on the ALT property page, site important pictures, such as: logo, photo navigation, pictures, with simple description, otherwise the search engine is difficult to determine what is this picture.

create a text in the form of Sitemap is the most simple. Objective: to create Sitemap

Links the correlation

some friends do SEO tend to purchase a large number of the chain, many of whom are outside the chain of high quality, but the ranking is still not ideal, what reason is this? We see an example below. Love Shanghai. The words "Military", although Tiexue is the largest China military website, but in the love of Shanghai ranked at fifth, and worse than it "china贵族宝贝 Military Channel" in second, through the following two pictures we can find the reason.

2. allows the search engine to know the weight distribution


use notepad file, one per line. In addition to the URL, cannot contain all other characters. URL must be complete, the maximum number of URLs for each file can be added is 50000. More than this number, can open a new file. The notepad file using the UTF-8 encoding. (this is the default encoding, such as error, please save the last choice encoding). The notepad file, in addition to the URL, cannot contain all other characters. Any name >

3. allows the search engine to know the content of your site update


your web site address How to create


1. search engines let a comprehensive collection of your site web address

"china贵族宝贝 Military Channel" Links was all military related, and the Links Tiexue is messy, all walks of life, do well in correlation. Thus, the correlation Links has important significance for promoting the site ranking in search engine.


Now the navigation website how to understand their living environment

browser client, although to provide a better user experience, but the site navigation data analysis.

said the navigation website, I think everyone will think of the countless stationmaster new wealth dream Hao123, by virtue of the "integration of resources, create a simple" Hao123 China Internet miracle, also let the navigation website become fashionable for a time, so you can see Hao123 to imitate the navigation website instantly filled our meet the eye everywhere, desktop computer. But after a few years of development, how personal navigation website live?

3 search engine product quality, love Shanghai and other search products through continuous development and renewal, has become quite mature, which makes many users choose these products as the Internet entrance.

3 or

1 site navigation technology needed to lower the threshold, a lot of people pouring into this industry, expect to earn a lot of money, so the site navigation field quality is uneven, resulting in the industry reputation decline.

2 Chinese although there have been a number of mature Internet users, but it is undeniable that in Chinese 500 million Internet users still have a lot of primary users, waiting for us to enter the Internet guide.


I want to do the navigation of the website, most will say the development is not good, because the development environment compared to 2011, personal navigation website now is not good to do, not only to face the quality of content homogeneity, but also face a large portal or browser clients in snatch, very tangled. For the current development of navigation website, a simple summary of the 4 aspects:

2 users quality, some experienced Internet users is a useful website address already by heart to go or, further weakening the competitiveness and the value of navigation website.

4 browser client further force, such as 360 browser, with the rest of the viscosity of the products, successfully bound a considerable part of the customer, and then bind specific site navigation, provides another entrance to Internet users.


1 browser client and search engine products actually prefer comprehensive content and search direction, the scope is very wide, but the professional degree is not enough, so many webmaster can use this to create a professional web site navigation.

for the above four aspects, we can say that all the webmaster let a headache, because compared to the competitors, individual stationmaster often in technology and human resources are the dominant, but this means that the personal navigation website there is no way out? I do not think it, like the recent Taobao guest website, though a crackdown on love Shanghai, Amoy website stationmaster of a lot of companies have closed switch, but does not rule out a lot of stationmaster can still earn a lot of money in this industry, navigation website also is such, the current Internet environment, network navigation station also has 3 advantages: the need to hold

How to reduce the invalid page included, enhance the value of the site

do an explanation for the last point, what is repeated page love Shanghai think? Is called you to other sites for the collection, copy. But for now, love Shanghai believes that the Internet is information, can meet the needs of users, you no longer need this not essential information, then how about your

? ranking?Why would

what kind of page is invalid page


how to reduce the invalid page to enhance the site


besides these, such as "comments, but also control the message" this page, there are many sites, click on a user comments, will open a new URL address

long-distance car hangs behind several spare tire, as well as a search engine, you usually don’t have any value. Unless some other tire burst, you can use value! What is spare, spare? If you still do not understand the words, from another angle: you love goddess with you together, but do not alienate you! Why? If she was dumped or dumped? People.

in simple terms "information was collected, but has not the slightest flow, this page is invalid page!" complex, these pages usually contain a large amount of page list page, comments page, no valuable information page, and repeat page: "love Shanghai think".

this is to add a point of knowledge, about robots.txt files, many web sites are not added to this file, even if the increase is also allows spiders to crawl the station. What is the significance of this agreement

: first, invalid page does not mean that seriously affect the spider crawl the page, does not affect its grasp, there is no serious cheating problem will be included. Second: the love of Shanghai included some information, will once again to judge the information, if the quality is not up to the index requirements, will be re kicked out! Or, there are not a part of T is out of the reason is that you are as a spare tire to deal with

invalid page? !

Shanghai will use its dragon to reduce invalid included page, cite a simple example: about us, contact us, cooperation, and even some search engines, and did not use the

spider included

has been a master said: my site every day to be included, but not always ranking is what "ghost"? Included more quickly, more is not included, ranking the better? In this regard, here today to share a simple concept to "everyone": for spiders speaking, more effective page included the value of the website will more! Not to the invalid page ranking, even in some sites up to millions of pages, there is no effective ranking.


above is some "hard" aspects of the processing, and finally there are some "soft", is "


How to optimize the marketing website promotion help enterprises

coffee with today’s headlines, so exchange technology, A5 business network, Lu Songsong blog, stationmaster net, sent on behalf of the network, entrepreneur, youth entrepreneurship network, Sohu, Tencent news platform, share marketing website structure of professional, easy website optimization. Hope to help all bosses in the business on the road can clearly locate and select.

Optimization Website:

a good marketing website keywords, a high-quality website ranking to recruit 10 salesman. So a lot of website marketing to the enterprise, the value and significance of the very large. But for what kind of website marketing website, what kind of website optimization easy to produce good keywords ranking is a lot of enterprises do not know.

really dry cargo, if you feel good please collection or forwarded to our hard work and dedication to give encouragement.

marketing website:

The characteristics of The following

easy optimization site is illustrated in a website, the website homepage layout there is text consultation, obvious case, product introduction, service etc.. Not only can let customers easily know your advantages and product service, also let the search spiders can easily identify the content of the website, and grab high-quality content on the search results page, and give a direct assessment.


many people think that the site has cool effect, is the marketing website, this website customers will love, actually does not know the search engine doesn’t love. Because the search engine doesn’t love flash effect and pure pictures more sites, because search spiders cannot identify web content in the end is good or bad, the keywords ranking will not give good rankings.

The structure of

through the visual image processing, make the site’s overall vision, content and structure are very popular. That your site will be in the customer’s approval on the respected letter chennai. The last information or telephone consultation.

a lot of demand for many industries and enterprises are relatively strong promotion urgently, especially start-up period and relatively tight funds. So the website construction and website search engine optimization has become the key of many enterprises can smooth the road at the beginning of the business.

said that this type of marketing, marketing is the key, a good website should have for automatic product sellers, that is to say the marketing website in the overall layout of the structure, and visual browsing must cater to customers and habits. Do sales came from that sales is a process. The website design process in the design must consider the customer browsing habits, your customers at the site to see what the first, and then see what finally see what. Because of the layout and structure of the natural process of website is clear.


Links exchange five experience

often go to some webmasters forum friends know, go to the forum is mostly webmaster or engaged in work related to the promotion of Shanghai dragon program >

two. Links platform exchange mode

a few years ago this Links platform does not seem to exist, similar to the site of a class, then some owners may be aware of this demand may feel that their own exchange Links every day to record the trouble, made a special this link platform website, perhaps other reasons, this is a kind of demand the user experience on the site, as long as we search the corresponding vocabulary, you can see a lot of relevant industry Web site, online memory QQ contact, Links platform is currently one of the best ways to exchange links.

four. Forum friends link exchange

novice learning website promotion to practice continuously in the summary, each site weight data increase at the same time, our technology is constantly improving, in front of small write "Pro Weight to improve the site included the amount of four experience", "novice webmaster keywords positioning experience" simple analysis done stand 3 months for some experience of website and keywords positioning experience, improve the site weight only these are far from enough, Links especially home Links exchange can quickly help us to improve the weights of the site and keyword ranking, together to find out some Links I summed up the exchange of ideas:

exchange Links, I believe many of my friends all know, this is can quickly improve the relative weight value of the site, especially in the domestic Internet website is Link Exchange page (most of the foreign exchange exchange home page is not do), Links exchange is to note the time, why? Most exchange friendship the link is the webmaster or Internet company of Shanghai Longfeng operators, some companies even have specialized in link exchange links to the Commissioner, a day in the morning, the general Links exchange at about 8 -11 points is better, especially the weight of relatively high site, generally every day they exchange number the Links is limited, if we put a few points in the afternoon to exchange the day has finished changing maybe people will need to wait until tomorrow to exchange.

three. QQ platform exchange chain

. Links exchange should pay attention to the time of

then another way is known as QQ QQ exchange group, wireless value-added services, QQ announced last year exceeded one hundred million people online at the same time mark, many webmaster friends have similar themes in QQ group, the exchange, there are students, then a lot of people realize the convenience, but also to establish a correlation of the Links exchange group. We can see a lot of Link Exchange issued by the relevant personnel link information here, we released our own people at the same time, can also take the initiative to contact the appropriate personnel exchange link exchange.