Experience in studying website editors

for more than four years, not to mention how professional, but has worked in a foreign education portal channel and a study of intermediary companies, some small wise remark of an experienced person is willing to share with you.

personally officially entered the editing this area also accidentally, just graduated from University, eyes is full of confusion. Although in the university computer for a few years, but about university education, we don’t have to talk too much, the various feelings you have several natural, all work after entering the website editor field is one thing, my lucky good, etc.anyway.

about web editor

website editor’s official definition, we can refer to the content of an encyclopedia.

, here’s a superficial view of the profession:

early stage, first familiar with the use of Web site background program, understand the industry’s major mainstream media sites on the study abroad news reports. In the beginning, you will feel that the website editor is a network carrier, copying and pasting every day. But through a period of familiarity, we will find that with their "copy paste" increased, the content of the industry also increased understanding. Gradually, we will find our own views on certain events, policies, and then collect a variety of views and information, and then sort out the content, which is what we call website special copy.

about technology

some people say that the editor is no foundation, find a person can do, if only "network porters" is indeed so, copy and paste, just like talking about QQ, as long as you can pinyin. But just copy and paste the website editor toddler stage, the above mentioned website topic, the final form of the web page, making web pages need to understand the HTML code, and then to consider to do with DIV+CSS or TABLE+CSS, it is not to add FLASH and Javascript interaction module and dynamic effect, what color and style of the page. BANNER and page picture how to design. Some people would say, "we have artists, and that’s not for me to consider. I’m only responsible for the content."". The content is king, but only if you know anything, just like a Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork will only do cook, you can edit the site more and more far, should do print, rather than doing media. Network media has the characteristic is timely, vivid, interactive, the effect will be all things to all men present to your readers, is the Internet users. You know and don’t understand these things, directly determine the content you finally presented to the user, is not the result you want.

here, including content, including web editing software, FLASH production software and picture processing software.

here’s a brief introduction of some of the software I use:

· web editing software: Dreamweaver;


Adsense original article two or three things (a) the correct attitude towards originality

read two articles about the webmaster in A5 received original issues related to the two article today on the home page: A5 submission must know the ten point is submission by A5 edit audit is very simple (on) and A5 contribute ten points through the A5 submission must know actually edit the audit is very simple (under) the Submission A5 encourage the webmaster for some problems the attitude of the original and the owners should pay attention to the summarized, also analyzes the A5 contribution, which articles are more popular, how to write more easily through the. As a platform for webmaster information exchange, Admin5 webmaster network has been provided for the webmaster a contribution platform, the main contributors have two main purposes, one is to share communication, and two is to promote publicity. Especially Adsense nets weight and flow higher, contribute to stay links can play the role of the chain. Adsense network is for many years for the webmaster to provide a soft platform, for webmaster service, only today’s achievements. But the soft advertising does not represent, for the owners of the quality and originality of the submission, A5 also has a high demand today to talk about those things webmaster original articles, as some of the A5 submission must know ten points.

has always spared no effort in emphasizing and encouraging originality. A5 has always spared no effort. You have the honor to participate in the A5 held a forum Zatan District essay contest, from the beginning of a competition to the quality of the original article plagiarism, then the higher the. We report the district award can be said to play a very good guide. While the A5 is being held in the forum "enjoy life and enjoy the ceramics" essay activities, you can get involved in fine ceramics and thousands of yuan in cash, some participants read articles, basically no plagiarism phenomenon, the quality is commendable. The original article can improve the webmaster to promote the soft writing level, and is a kind of learning to exercise their own, can active owners in writing thinking, by reference to other articles to find all kinds of information, can let the webmaster to learn more knowledge of the operation and promotion. So, the webmaster writing articles must be original, reference can be encouraged, because to Webmaster Help, can improve. Pseudo original feasible, but definitely not advocated, especially with software, because the webmaster did not help, no improvement.

webmaster, please keep the manuscript

a webmaster found me today for deleting the manuscript. He said he was writing directly in the article editor and did not keep the manuscript. This problem is not the first time, before there are many webmaster to edit the response to this problem. Because the A5 home page does not have a recycle bin function, the number of articles submitted every day is over three hundred. If the articles that are not passed are left without deletion, the editing work will be affected. Therefore, the audit does not meet the requirements, will be deleted directly. Here to the webmaster said sorry, will later with the revision upgrade and solve this problem. And this stationmaster also puts forward doubt, why delete manuscript not to inform a client?. This question is indeed worth considering, and it is necessary to add this function. But it has also been unable to do so because of the complexity of the workload

Local industry station to develop, to achieve stability, accurate, ruthless is the key

grassroots webmaster, we do is to make money, but also need to make money faster, now is the Internet portal in the Warring States period, all others, although the industry website is considered the most easily profitable website but every industry almost has one or several sites in the station dominate the forest, they have strong capital backing we feel the power of one person is so thin. In addition to the local site and in 2010 the Internet group purchase is a wind scraping outside the grassroots webmaster about the topic, everyone wants to make a difference in their own third of an acre, because our own most about our own life of the city, and the local sites do not need to invest too much, then I do we ask the local + industry station is not at present grassroots long gold combined earnings? I personally think that is because of the Alibaba and other industry leader is not HC subdivision and cannot cover every corner of this gave an opportunity to the grassroots. So, in order to achieve profitability, we need to do what? Combined with the author’s operation Weifang Training Network – training experience, here and we explore,


is the first to steady. The dictionary of stability is interpreted as: "stability" and "fixation". Extended here, stability is the first webmaster mentality to smooth, online site after the resistance to promote and update, the chain slowly increase, can’t be impatient, cannot violate Baidu search rules. Baidu is not slow, but you have to study for a period of time, you may engage in nearly a month or even a few months Baidu has not happened, this time you want to check it is not a violation of the place or method is not proper in the circumstances to determine no work and don’t give up halfway Baidu soon to you the olive branch.

means the server must be stable. The new station on the line, Baidu included the first you have to have the server is stable, there will be a period of probation before Baidu included, which of course is taken to inquire about the stability of the web spider, the spider will often smoothly to climb, the stability of the site spider from time to time to visit, in the premise of not sensitive information Baidu will add to your site’s sense of trust, then the site is Baidu included, if the site bursts open or open very slowly so the spider can be excluded, Baidu will be considered unfriendly and then lost to the site trust from no dealings with. Suggest that you buy the space to ask before you know the webmaster friends, they will recommend to you better, do not listen to advertising, word of mouth effect is important, let the customer to give you a demonstration site you can test, for the company reputation or how good products you can use Baidu Search very helpful the. For example, my training is a friend recommended domestic double line access space, the speed is very fast, and this is also my site is quickly included an important reason.

again, be sure to: the word dictionary is interpreted as correct, not deviated. Extended to the web site is up to the site positioning, and target customers and service people to be accurate, the location of the site determines the fate of the site, this is not exaggeration. People often >

Financing $100 million O2O model, the temple library to luxury second-hand shop into high-end living

I dark horse note: this second-hand luxury goods trading company just got D round of $100 million financing. Founder Li Rixue cut through the sale of second-hand luxury goods, is selling luxury goods from the line to the next line, to create an unprecedented high-end consumer gathering place in china.

SOHO Galaxy in Chaoyangmen is shaped like a sci-fi film, in which the temple library, the entire office space is a circle, like the "2001 space roaming" concise bright cabin. The company has just received $100 million in D rounds. Li is the founder and CEO of the temple library, and the people from Jiangxi.

, in his impression, junior high school students have to go to work in Guangdong, earn seven hundred or eight hundred pieces a month, when his teacher’s father, a monthly income of less than one hundred yuan. Looking at the foot of new shoes "classmate, he envy. After two years of work, the 24 year old Li Rixue carries 3000 dollars to Shandong to start business and do household electrical appliance trade. During the past ten years, several ups and downs, a company of the worst was an accident of the fire burned off.

in 2008, Li realized financial freedom and was determined to set up the temple library. The motive is simple: many friends often say that the things bought from abroad do not have the corresponding maintenance and after-sale in China. At the same time, when many things are bought, the pictures are fresh and they are thrown away at home.

Li Rixue believes that the huge stock of second-hand goods has been formed, the market will increase with consumer spending power and enhance the level of consumption and growing. Temple library online line soon put forward the company’s mission: let the world do not idle resources.

Three months after

, the temple library first line stores in Ji’nan was established, the customer holding the refrigerator, TV and toys to consignment. Li Rixue soon found that the low price of the goods in circulation and management spent a lot of energy and financial resources, returns are far less than the list of name packages, so decided to focus on more income can bring more luxury goods.

clear after Li Rixue, the company moved to Beijing, located in the "second-hand luxury goods trading platform", and opened a store in Jianwai SOHO. Three, the beginning has got the state appraisers qualification. Experience for polished service, Li Rixue from the United States and Japan, the chief surveyor, the formation of the temple library luxury appraisal center, expand the supply for the user, consignment goods and brands of goods agents (the corresponding profit model respectively for the service fee, the agent is pumped into and brand Koudian). In 2011, the temple library received $10 million investment in the IDGA round.

The general cognitive

with "IDG investment is mainly to see people", Li Rixue believes that the Xiong Xiaoge Temple library the first value is the trend: "although we love to talk about this, but for a mature risk investment, it must be to look at the industry, find a suitable business model in the trend, found again in this business model.

A startup team makes ten mistakes that are easy to make in user experience

how can I enhance the user experience of my website (or application)? This is a common and no standard answer. Especially for start-up teams and products, the factors involved in this problem are varied. Fortunately, there are some rules of practice that can help us move in the right direction. In this article, we’ll look at the possible mistakes made by the start-up team in shaping the product experience and how to avoid them.

why should startup teams pay special attention to user experience

good user experience can increase customer satisfaction, enhance product quality and image quality, and then promote your business better forward. If you have a product that will be acceptable to many people, the job of marketing will be a lot easier. In addition, the experience of good products can greatly reduce the cost of customer service, but also help the team or company you create a positive public relations influence, to lay a solid foundation for future business development.

on the contrary, a bad user experience will have a huge negative impact on startup teams and products. Bad news will spread like wildfire, and if users are unhappy, they will spread negative word of mouth, and in severe cases your product will be hard to turn over.

, I love the words "Dharmesh Shan", an entrepreneur, "don’t try to please the user; it’s important to make happy users through the product."."


from the beginning, through the good experience, so that products in the minds of users to establish a positive image, which is more than the user dissatisfaction, and then try to change the face, it is much easier. A good user experience is by no means defined by a huge investment or large customer service team. It is a concept that revolves around the product cycle. It is an attitude and culture.

UX (user experience) and customer experience

smart team will always focus on customer value at the core, and through a full set of experience strategy to dig into it. This strategy covers many aspects, such as user experience, brand and marketing, and aims to create a unique experience model for customers. (related reading: differentiation and strategy of iOS user experience)

in the past, a lot of offline business based companies are wrong to believe that even if their web site is not so easy to use, it will not have much problem, after all, the line is the focus. Today, this concept is difficult to hold, because each point of contact between the user and the company will be related to the overall sense of customer experience. In this competitive market environment, many new players will pop their eyes and look for opportunities to break through in areas where the user experience has not yet been truly done.

The theory that fire is dead is an inspiration for Web Operations the simpler the functionality, the

this year in the Internet circle most is to see a variety of products and then hot moment of death, the beauty brought wonderful fireworks and waves too much, but it is not life, the Webmaster Station always needs a long-term business model, rather than a fire one died of flowers.

case: "a fire dies"

this kind of case should be regarded as the most frequent mobile phone online games, "two things on the Internet recently the hottest star drug" and "ice bucket challenge" will lead to a variety of small game: looking for Jaycee Chan, "hamster" poured ice bucket celebrities and so on, these games can be said to instantly burst red circle of friends, it is a pity persistence is not strong, hot + fresh birth out hot, nutrition after instantly declined.

then there is APP, face MOE, magic map, YO and so on, tell us a similar truth: the simpler the function, the more easily swept into hot spots.

what we can pick up from the web site operations knowledge:

site early, must be simple, only to grasp the core function of

, but simple does not mean no value, fire a dead APP, mobile phone online games and so on, tell us two principles: first, simple, easy to drive rapid rise; two, no core function, after all, just a dead end.

The use of

ice bucket challenge star drug, do game "developer" value is not the game "product", but they are hot "flow", play marketing means, really put this hot birth of the game when the main product is too early, fearless.

just play "Chinese station maximum", "the world’s most advanced", "the universe’s most dazzling" might be a YY level, is a personal webmaster do not, because no human capital have no experience, they cannot play


website development period: step by step plus function

is about the period of development, step by step, but no matter how much the function of gradually increasing, we can not forget the core functions of the site, an interesting looking people tend to do better than the beautiful but not outstanding people are more likely to be remembered, since the object of the same people, so the website construction also need to highlight the "core" let the user at a glance, and remember that website is a good website.

the early Internet, may not need too much depth and specialization, after all, there have been few competitors, is needed, the user also happens to be in the early stage, aesthetic has a fresh sense of support, but the site development stage is different, the function must be gradually improved.

note that not all all functions to the site with more than one function, think more of a market? Do good, do not just give yourself buried in a pit, manpower and material resources are not enough cases or less maintenance function to correct.

anyway, >

Reflect on the defects of the current webmaster websites

many people all know A5 and Chinaz, in addition to the two station sites boss, and many personal Adsense website, or less well-known sites, all types of websites many webmaster number. But how these sites run now? For example: w3so station network, this is a personal webmaster website, you may have heard, but the long-term website reprint articles others, and adhere to the original source without the acquisition of software is said to have. The Internet reprint articles others links with the situation for granted, it makes a lot of hard work to write the original webmaster do not feel shame on his website, the article also is not included, the others will be reproduced, but also without the address. In my opinion, personal Adsense want to operate a portal type of Web site, the difficulty is too great, for content, there is no way to guarantee, so can only reprint, but reprinted more than always will be a problem. At present, stationmaster kind website runs encountered the following a few shortcomings:

first: a large number of reprinted articles, the content of the lack of uniqueness,

in addition to A5 and Chinaz, most of the webmaster site to reprint articles, this content will be stereotyped, as a grassroots webmaster, I will go to A5 and Chinaz to read some articles and website information. Of course not to some small webmaster website to see, because the content is the same, so the small webmaster website also has its own original content, the content should be unique and attractive, many owners of such sites are the individual operators, the content is very difficult to do this. But by submission of the way to get a lot of original content, to encourage personal webmaster to your website submission, but first you have to make your website a little weight, you can also collect fast, the article give with a link address, which do not fit for the new station. To tell the truth the original content is not necessarily the quality of the content, the articles are too many, too many similar articles, for SEO articles, I think you can not overdo sth. this type of article, has been quite rampant, so some webmaster website articles refused to contribute SEO.

webmaster user group according to the experience can be divided into novice and veteran, beginners need some basic knowledge and site operation knowledge, such as knowledge based optimization. Veteran is love deeper to the article, some operation experience, preferably for different types of websites, such as game sites, movie websites, the content will be more targeted, real owners share their experience and experience, even if it is the primary thing is very meaningful. Content to meet the user experience, the content must be able to attract users. "People have me fine, I have none, I really love this sentence, in fact, do stand and life, every site has its own soul and character, this website has humanistic charm, imitation and repetition of things can never really attract users.

second: what kind of webmaster site can bring to the webmaster



My knowledge and experience to Wangzhuan

I contact Wangzhuan not long time, compared to the old webmaster is a novice, probably from the beginning of the end of 2006 to do, that’s when the GG environment is still relatively relaxed, it is more handy, but my heart had such a pattern feel helpless and crisis the advent of the feeling! You can imagine, an international company will allow you to mix cheat money? As a person is the entrance to the University by cheating, the achievements of this pattern? Distasteful also gradually get confirmed, in 2007 December began a large-scale GG cut the number, resulting in a large number of so-called "personal webmaster" unemployed. To tell the truth, I rely on the survival of the individual owners cheating a little recognition, this is not to say that all of us in the negative way of life and way of thinking, but I think everyone is in such a state of mind after a conclusion: once you enter the cheat circle to make money, you will be more and more thinking progress will become more and more accustomed to some of the more common way to reach your destination! There is no doubt that everyone has to choose their own way of life and work of the freedom to abide by the law under the premise, but I think we live life is not easy, why not let yourself in a more positive and advanced life attitude to improve their


network development today is really more and more people see the network of business opportunities, but also let more and more people threw into the network to make money in the army, but what is the truth? A speech about this network industry prospects, about the future, about talent gap, that has not yet been reached we expected the scale, of course I am not saying that this scale of population size, I mean the benefits of scale! Plus size can be expected to limited prospects are brought to join blind endless crowd! For those who have engaged in computer or electronic information network or related industry, they continue to engage in the Internet industry is completely consistent with the truth, for those who love computer network technology, and love to study and learn, they will also be accepted in this field, but those do not have real The skill, but naive to think that the network can achieve their dreams of wealth, I really do not know how to define your way to you! Do the network whether it will or not, probably the majority of young people, young people will inevitably face many choices, so I think a lot of young people to join in is in your life at least the short life made a decision: to make money fast! But we really make money in those people on the network, we can find a reason, only 3 people can earn money: the first is the real technology, and always holds the first network the position of the information and technology, and the innovation and development of people. They are the architects of the network and create a new era of the pioneers, they earn money is purely their own labor need, this is inevitable! The second category is those who do industrial accumulated a large sum of money, and then use their own industrial accumulation and industrial operation to arrest people who kill them on the network, money >

My view on the five stages of personal website development

now the site of more and more enterprises and individuals, especially the number of individual owners has obtained rapid growth, no matter how policy changes, personal webmaster for their own dream of passion, the market network is always full of vitality and creativity, the wisdom of human beings has never been so play the most incisive. Road is very far, even if there are still some thorns, but it can not stop the pace of our progress, now I have to develop the site to undergo five stages of their own analysis, but also a personal point of view:

first stage: this stage is the most difficult for website development, the need to constantly enrich the content of the website promotion to this, and to enrich the content and promotion are responsible for site management, so the cause of this when the workload is very large, and this is only one aspect of the work. Really want to seek development, must constantly do in front of two work in the cultivation of loyal users to a website, or interest, or to a common concept, or to a certain interest, form a core group, this group is the driving force for the further development of the website they will move forward together, and you will support your work, will give you spiritual encouragement, will give you better advice and suggestions, so that you are not a person in combat. A lot of people only know what to do to promote content, but forgot to communicate with your users, so that there will never be a loyal user base. Set up a few QQ groups, and communicate with your users, you will progress. Always remember an idea: the network effect that stems from the user contribution is the core of the website development. The basic goal of this stage is to enrich the content of the website, promote the work in place, and establish the core user base. I haven’t talked about site positioning here, but I’m still talking about it. Please ask yourself: how big is your website and how big is the market?. If a project you can’t stick to for more than three years, try not to do it,

second stages: understanding the importance of online trading behavior, because the basic purpose of building websites is to make money. In short, it is to make money. What is the core of the market economy? That is to maximize the realization of the smooth flow of goods, wealth is generated in the circulation, and the circulation of the core is trading behavior, only to realize the trading behavior of the entire circulation is not completed. The website is nothing more than to make circulation transactions become more rapid, the cumulative rate of wealth becomes faster, so it has a greater development of the market economy. The site includes basic transactions (I am from a narrow angle said):1, as the platform directly as the seller, the goods, or virtual goods can expect the interests of sales to the buyer to complete the transaction behavior; 2, the seller’s website as a propagandist, the seller or the seller to sell information to the buyer, such as advertising on the basic belong to this category, actually this kind of propaganda is to complete the transaction; 3, directly to the seller delivers the goods, virtual goods or benefits can be expected sales to the buyer, for example, now more hot Taobao customers belong to this. >

Small station half a month data station an hour to go

Hi, everybody, I’m sad now. I’m the wholesale online webmaster. I work hard every day to organize and edit the articles. I spent half a month collecting a lot of wholesale market information on the "http://www.pfzx.cn/forum-2-1.html" under this page.

today, when I was on my last website, I found that an ad position on that site appeared all the time. I was familiar with the titles (all my own titles, I knew it well). I’ll open it. I found all my data, and it was completely transferred within 1 hours. (below is the map. Some webmasters have seen this code, in the ad "Qihoo")


my station is building soon. After he turns over, my station certainly won’t be collected by search engine 5555555555. It’s so sad! I found a copy of the code after I found it, but the code doesn’t work for the station owner. What should I do,