Do clothing shop agent achievements of the new generation of Internet Era

now this time is called the "Internet plus" era, traditional and emerging industries can find the new way of development in the field of internet. Clothing business is inseparable from the network. So how to become a clothing shop agent should make money?

first secrecy, (considering the novice) the shop agent is that you do not have their own inventory, directly to the others on the shop to sell products, when you shop selling a product, you again to the merchant orders, and tell your customer address, on behalf of the shipping business, the price and the price difference of your agent is your profit. This is called a white.

One of the secrets of

The rapid development of

Secret two: don’t wait for your business, you need to actively look for businesses.

The above said to choose competitive

Secret three: Shen character transformation products, choose a unified product specifications.

I want to do when

Secret four: product for more, but for professionals.

if you wear 1000 pieces of products, not only their own maintenance is very tired, but it is difficult for buyers to believe you, so many products, so little credibility is questionable. More products, the product number is more, you are also prone to error. Don’t assume that the more products, the more opportunities, they are not proportional.

Secret five: price.

Elite returnees sell yellow cake family craft

is very popular on the Ba Zhen Yao a sell yellow cake shop, the owner surnamed Deng, this little business for many years, although that is the snack, but the business is good, earn more than city white-collar workers. Illiterate "Deng yellow cake" finally the son of Deng Deng read for master degree, is also very disappointing to go abroad to work. However, Deng Rujin gave up a well paid job to go back to his hometown to sell yellow cake, why is this?

site: Elite returnees bag yellow cake with an air of importance

came to see Yao Nanba, in a small shop called "Deng yellow cake", a young and thin guy is deftly dressing table yellow cake. The young man, is the legendary "returnees sell yellow cake" the protagonist Deng Qiming.

According to Deng Qiming

, father Deng Xijun is a handmade yellow cake craftsmen, doing this for a lifetime. Deng Qiming has also trained in childhood, "the hand of yellow cake craft.

"after reading home from school, the family are busy, I put down the bag began to help take a hand. After all, this is my home." Deng Qiming said.

: the workshop is the identity of Kochi returnees

I read a master’s degree in software engineering embedded, sounds very complicated, in fact, is the development of smart phone applications." Deng Qiming, 27, said shyly.

it is understood that, in 2004, Deng Qiming graduated from high school with excellent results admitted to the Jilin Architecture and Civil Engineering Institute, in 2008, and successfully admitted to the University of Electronic Science and technology master’s degree. After I graduated from the master’s degree in 2011, I went to HUAWEI to work as a manager of HUAWEI’s overseas technical department." Deng, because of work reasons, he was sent to London, and then sent to Indonesia Pontianak.

the company to give treatment is good, in addition to the annual salary of 200 thousand yuan, and do not have to worry about." Little Deng Tanchen, after going to Indonesia, he was very accustomed to life there, originally thought he would be abroad for more than 5 years.

misfortune: father suddenly died due to illness

if there is no after a bad news, Deng Qiming may also be struggling abroad for several years. One day in May 2012, however, he suddenly got a call from home".

this sudden blow, let Deng Qiming instantly back but God: father is only 55 years old, in the prime of life, how can suddenly not? Deng Qiming hurried back home after his father’s funeral and hurried back to India

3 tips to avoid business failure

novice entrepreneurs are always easy to get into trouble, they lack experience, do not know how to avoid those problems will make the business failure. Well known entrepreneur Rob  Hayes on this point made three entrepreneurial experience to help novice entrepreneurs less detours.

Rob  Hayes    First  Round  partner, primarily responsible for investing in early entrepreneurial projects. After more than ten years of investment projects and entrepreneurial experience, he has a deep understanding of entrepreneurship. He who first venture entrepreneurs share the experience of three related to entrepreneurship in this article: the devotion of recruitment, actively financing, ensure that the company has enough cash flow to ensure that the company has a long-term goal. Star Group ( of the A:


1, recruitment, recruitment, recruitment

for the founders, recruit talent is the most difficult but also the most important business development of the company. If you don’t spend at least half of your time on hiring, it’s a matter of time before you lose. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of entrepreneurs in the avoidance of their duty. However, in the recruitment of lazy lazy sooner or later to return, and many times to pay back, so why delay?

if you interviewed a lot of candidates, no one is you satisfied. Then your heart will struggle and feel bad. It is at this time, you may make one of the following two bad decisions: one is because you might be hiring and recruiting, casually recruit a person to join the two, you may be a reason not to spend any time in recruitment. You may wonder: "I don’t have time for recruitment, I must develop products, I must solve this urgent problem, I must go to see clients."   whatever your reason, you’ve made a fatal mistake.

in the recruitment work, many recommended

To ensure the safety of Yanji on the tongue to increase the whole monitoring – Condiments

in the life most of the time we are spending money to buy health food, especially in the fields of food seasoning, a lot of shoddy counterfeit products! In order to strengthen the supervision of Yanji City condiment market, the Yanji market and quality supervision and management departments in the days before the citywide condiment market special inspection of law enforcement, to ensure the safety of consumer condiment market during the spring festival. After examination and testing, not found substandard condiments.

it is understood that the special inspection will continue until January 26th. In the production process, focus on strengthening the supervision and management of condiment enterprises, and urge enterprises to strictly implement the quality safety responsibility, guide the organization in strict accordance with the standard production enterprises, strict raw materials into the plant, production process control and factory inspection, and deliberately adulterated, shoddy, shoddy, abuse of food additives enterprises according to law investigation. In the circulation, the farmers market, food wholesale market, small supermarket, snack miscellaneous stores, small and medium-sized restaurants and other places as the focus.

so that the majority of people to eat the health and safety of local government law enforcement departments must strengthen management can be the only way to further ensure food safety! City residents in urban and rural area, in conjunction with the Department of key areas, to logistics, warehouse, seasoning spices wholesale stores as the focus, strengthen law enforcement and inspection efforts, focus on examination of the food business license is complete, whether the formal legal source condiment, purchase check and check whether the strict implementation of record system. The legitimate purchase channels, no formal purchase bills, no standard labels of condiments seized by law.

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Entrepreneurial stories to get laid-off workers to get the global micro entrepreneurship Award

laid off means that the life of the economic source is not guaranteed, laid-off workers of the road of entrepreneurship is more difficult, the story of entrepreneurship with the more entrepreneurs more. So today we will talk about a laid-off workers how her thin shoulders achievements of her global micro entrepreneurship award Road, how much bitterness how bumpy.

"global micro entrepreneurship award in recognition of the most outstanding China micro entrepreneurs, appreciation and recognition of their entrepreneurial skills and determination, and Zhang Rongfang is from a laid-off worker started, through hardships and do not understand, with a loan of 10 thousand yuan issued by the Municipal Employment Bureau, to develop into a small paved" Zhang glasses wholesale supermarket ", and become the two wine city general agent, hired 6 workers.

What is the secret of

entrepreneurship but everything is hard in the beginning: the sale of small but intense competition, operating profit and suffered a default…… Reporter: at the awards site, why are you so excited?

two ten yuan in business integrity. Reporter: what time decided to shop out of the


The whole of 15 categories of food – it is easy to fail

each person to start the business for different reasons, the attitude of entrepreneurship will naturally be different, and because of the different attitude, determines their business will have a different development. With their own savings is not easy to open a restaurant business failure, why? Everyone is holding a good idea to go, but in the implementation of the process of premature death, the main reason for the failure of the restaurant business? Xiaobian for everyone to share food and beverage business easy to defeat the boss type, to see how many of you?

1, pass time

this kind of people are mainly wives and retirees, they have idle funds, there is plenty of time so I want to find something to do. The food is very easy to enter the industry, so they chose this industry, for example, in Shenzhen investment building lobby, a few years ago had opened a cafe to join, the investor is son, the operator is retired mother. As is joined, decoration, products, brands have a fixed pattern and advantages.

but a year later, she released the "transfer" of information, I communicate with her, he said: "the money is not lost, but the body tired out"! Because if she is not on the scene, the kitchen staff casually produced, the hall attendants flying single (that is, not to sell the product into the cash register, cash into the waiter pocket). When she found the problem, it is necessary to manage their own, no trust in others. She went to the restaurant from 7 a.m., 8 p.m. left, less than 3 months down!

2, start NiuDao

this kind of people are mostly graduates, unemployed personnel. They think the food is easy to do, find a good shop, please a good cook, do publicity on the line! I don’t know how to find a good berth! The good cook found it, and he was frightened by the pay and commission! Leaflets printed, the customer was thrown into the trash! I have a friend in Shanghai opened a home restaurant, the master is the home of the relatives, start business is hot, own spirit fenghua. But less than six months, the chef was next to the boss to double the food and beverage. Later to find the relatives of the home cook or local social chef, the chef did not have a good product, the restaurant around the guests used to eat the chef’s food, go all the way to the restaurant next to the! His restaurant was closed!


3, xiongtu Exhibition

most of these people have been operating food and beverage management, or in another field has been successful, want to change careers. They have a certain economic base and interpersonal relationships, generally in a cooperative way entrepreneurship. At the beginning of smug, but the business after a period of time, the big shareholders disagreement (whether dividend program, the direction of development, even before cooperation confirmation, later changed to


bit >

How about chicken not thirsty lost snack car quality items sell more worry

snacks in the market, the choice of a simple way to join the venture, the best choice for small business. How about a chicken without a snack? Simple way to join the choice of the best choice for small business. If you do not want to join the chicken is not a loss of snack car project, is also very exciting, then, do not hesitate, and quickly move it!

chicken is not thirsty to lose money to join the car to make money?

chicken is not thirsty to lose the headquarters of the snack car is a comprehensive food and beverage research and development, hotel investment, management, service professional chain. Owns a number of mature operation of food brands, its flagship brand "halogen halogen has a hundred years of Lin Shijia" delicious food development, has a good social reputation. The enterprise has Lo unique core technology, product technology R & D team of professional, mature business operation of the project team and professional franchise management team.

chicken do not miss the snack car market how to lose the chicken is not thirsty snack car small investment, the market is very hot, many investors through the chicken is not thirsty to lose the snack car rich. Under the current space to become rich, become the focus of the investment market, the loss of the chicken is not thirsty to join the brand snack car, can help us grasp the wealth of good projects.

the current profit margins, chicken not thirsty lost snack car to select the mode of operation according to their own wishes and economic strength: can flow in the commercial street, snacks City, pedestrian street, tourist attractions, can also be fixed shop chicken not thirsty lost snack car to join the brand, is not the wrong partner.

chicken is not thirsty to lose the taste of the product is rich, is now on the market is very beautiful scenery line. So, for those who want to gain profits, the country has the most complete varieties, beautiful appearance, novel and unique, a series of products rich in taste of the chicken is not thirsty to lose snacks, help to get rich is very large.

chicken does not lose the choice of snacks to join the project, is a very good choice. The first step in the success of entrepreneurship is to choose from the beginning of the chicken does not want to lose the snack car. So, don’t hesitate, come and leave a message!

29 yuan buffet barbecue shop – why make money

before the small series to introduce you to 29 yuan buffet barbecue can profit problem, then it is from the numerical analysis of the problem for everyone. A lot of people question this, that is, in our hypothetical circumstances will be profitable, then the market prospects will really be as good as that? Look at the following market prospects analysis you will know.

29 yuan buffet barbecue why make money?

market demand is very large, very popular

barbecue snacks has become a popular food, popular at home and abroad, but the real features, can attract back to the characteristics of the barbecue is not a lot to see. Especially in the summer, more and more people go out at night, then enjoy barbecue snacks is an indispensable activity. Street barbecue smoke large, unhealthy, and therefore healthier buffet barbecue more popular. 29 yuan buffet consumers choose their favorite food, more safety and health, consumers are more recognized.

shop low cost

is not for self-service barbecue shop, not only have to bear the costs and expenses of food store, there are a lot of manpower costs, there is no worry about this barbecue buffet, as long as the restaurant ready related materials can not generally grill manpower cost, compared with other brands, the cost is relatively low.

Volkswagen prices more popular

we all know that inflation is high now, 29 yuan for a lot of people are very little money, is also a very popular price, many people will accept, in the case of quality assurance, barbecue buffet 29 yuan more attractive


above is a simple introduction to the 29 yuan buffet barbecue why money, if you have any other questions are not very clear, please leave a message below our website.

How about eight – thousand guest restaurant

now the people of society are a lot of strength to the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen these big cities drilling, of course, life is not easy, but a wide range of knowledge, and sometimes determine the horizons. This is why no matter how hard first-tier cities exist reasons to hold down. But Xiao Bian think two or three line city also has spring, for example, Wenzhou. Wenzhou’s development must be in the eyes of everyone. Of course, the development of food and beverage brands in Wenzhou is also very good, for example, eight thousand snack bar.

Eight thousand

off the city of Wenzhou fast food management Co. Ltd. was founded in 2004, is a commitment to enterprise style fast-food chain management. Companies adhere to the "customer satisfaction, let the franchisee profit" purposes, special style fast-food chain as a long-term strategy for the development of enterprises.

eight thousand guest fast food shop?

exquisite piece of bread, dipped in sauce, the volume of hundreds of thousands of volumes of food delicious, fast food, more than 10 series of 1000 varieties, known as the "China hamburgers", eight thousand guest fast-food restaurants also known as the "magic Sherlock Holmes" old Beijing flavor nine rolls, a roll is a meal, roll fast food "as the spring breeze comes suddenly, together with the high streets and back lanes rolled up", set up shop on fire, more fire, has become the most popular leisure delicacy snack or most popular, the most simple. The city of to eat 9 volumes, featuring fast food Fu China!

eight – off fast food since the founding of the company, constantly sum up experience, improve the organizational structure and innovation, the company is growing in size and strength and has its own brand of fast food style.

after several years of continuous efforts, eight thousands of fast food has been with a number of large enterprises and institutions to order business. Since the middle of 2006, the company began to promote the franchise business, to improve the franchise management and development, so that the franchisee has been a huge income.

eight – off fast food chain, will not let you down, make you a profitable home! Eight thousand passengers catering company in line with "the good faith as the fundamental, but the development of" business principles, and to the consumer is responsible earnestly, has won a space for one person and the broad consumer trust in the fierce competition in the market.

eight thousand guests fast food not only bring new domestic delicious snacks, a new boom, eight thousand passenger fast-food chain, there is more to join the catering industry boom, eight thousand passenger fast-food chain, let you win over


eight thousands of fast food, let your business every day, keep fire, let your business every day fire constantly, every day to earn money! Eight thousands of fast food to join the chain, let you create a new high, a new high profit, win rich life!

read the above introduction, I do not know how you feel about eight thousand fast food restaurants, if